Pancake/Flat Motors

Pankage or Flat Motors are available from both Maxon and ServoDisc.

Maxon Brushless Flat Motors

When space is at a premium, Maxon Brushless Flat Motors are the solution. The electronically commutated Maxon EC flat motors are particularly noteworthy for their excellent torque handling characteristics, high performance, extremely wide speed range and, of course, their unsurpassed service life. These compact and extremely powerful EC flat motors are ideal if space is limited. With an operating range of 0.2 - 90 Watt, the EC Flat Motor Series are external rotor motors that run very quietly.

Maxon EC45 Flat 30W

Features of Maxon EC flat motors and EC-i motors:

  • Long service life
  • Flat design for when space is limited
  • Comparatively high inertia
  • Motor characteristics may vary from the strongly linear behavior
  • Hall sensor signals utilizable for simple speed and position control
  • Winding with iron core and several teeth per phase in the stator
  • Low detent torque
  • Good heat dissipation, high overload capacity
  • Multipole Neodymium permanent magnetMaxon Flat Motor Family
  • Smaller commutation steps

EC Flat Motor Watts and Diameter Ranges:

  • Ø 9.2, 14, 20, 32, 45, 60, and 90 mm 
  • 0.5 - 600 W
  • High powered models are also available for the EC. Please inquire for more information.
EC-i Motor Watts and Diameter Ranges:
  • Ø 30, 40, and 52 mm 
  • 20 - 200 W
  • High powered models are also available for the EC. Please inquire for more information.

Characteristics of Maxon EC flat motors:

  • Attractive price/performance ratio
  • High torques due to external, multipole rotor
  • Excellent heat dissipation at higher speeds thanks to open design
  • For motors with integrated electronics (Maxon EC-I series), the electronic commutation (mostly block commutation with Hall sensors) is built in. A speed controller and other functionalities can also be implemented.

Features of Maxon EC-I motors:

  • Simple operation with DC voltage
  • Fewer connections than with the EC motor
  • No additional electronics required
  • Output power reductions possible due to less space for power electronics
  • High powered models are also available for the EC-I. Please inquire for more information

Characteristics of the Maxon EC-i motors:

  • Highly dynamic due to internal, multipole rotor
  • Mechanical time constants below 3 ms
  • High torque density
  • Speeds of up to 15 000 rpm

ServoDisc™ Pancake Motors

ServoDisc™ Pancake Motors from Kollmorgen differ from conventional brush DC servomotors in their unique slotless disc armature. This design delivers a concentrated level of performance in both incremental motion and continuous speed applications that conventional ironcore motor designs can’t achieve.

ServoDisc™ motor technology offers a slotless, ironless design with zero cogging for precision at all speed ranges, including single-digit rpms. The flat, thin armature provides for a compact form factor while enabling quick acceleration, deceleration and direction changes. The low-voltage DC design allows operation with simple drive electronics and a basic, convenient power source including battery power.

Features include:

  • Common modification options include application-specific mountings and connectors, gearboxes and feedback devices, sealing and ruggedization, materials and coatings, and KOLLMORGEN PANCAKESelectromagnetic configurations
  • Co-engineered modifications available to suit demanding applications such as life-critical medical devices, military equipment, semiconductor wafer manufacturing and delicate material handling
  • A broad torque range, from 0.12 N-m to 33 N-m, accommodates a wide variety of applications
  • Torque is nearly instantaneous from start of rotation, with a flat torque curve throughout the speed range
  • Long brush life, up to 1.2 billion revolutions or more
  • Absolutely zero cogging, even at very low rpms
  • High acceleration, from 0 to 4,000 rpm in under 60 degrees of rotation and as little as 10 milliseconds
  • Peak torque of up to 10 times continuous torque without risk of demagnetization
  • Small axial size is ideal for portable equipment and machines with tight clearances
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