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Applimotion, Inc. Direct Drive Frameless Motors

direct drive frameless motor

Applimotion, Inc. manufactures a full family of Direct Drive Frameless Motors including permanent magnet three phase ring type, low profile, and direct drive motors with large through hole. There are four types to choose from:

  • ULT Series: easy to use general purpose motors from 45-165 diameters
  • UTH Series: high output motors from 29-533 mm diameters
  • UTS Series: slotless motors for the smoothest motion 29-240 mm diameters
  • UTO Series: outside rotating motors for hub-centeric applications 20-200mm diameters

direct drive frameless motor

They also provide Linear and Linear Arc (ARC) Motor Solutions: applciation specific air core linear motor kits for high precision high response systems. Three types to choose from:

  • LIN Series: traditional air core linear motors, single or double sided designs
  • ARC Series: arc shaped single sided linear motors for large diameter low profile limited angle or full rotating
  • LAC Series: linear single phase motors for actuation

Kollmorgen Direct Drive Frameless Motors

The KBM™ Series, from Kollmorgen, is designed to be directly embedded in your machine, using the machine's own bearings to support the rotor. With a huge selection of standard motors—plus our ability to quickly and cost-effectively incorporate co-engineered modifications—you can choose an exact-fit motor that provides the highest performance in the most compact space.The KBM™ series offers high performance, long life and simple installation in a motor kit that can be embedded directly in your machine design. 

kollmorgen direct drive frameless motor

Benefits of Frameless Motors include:

  • Direct load connection eliminates maintenance of gearboxes, belts or pulleys
  • Zero backlash and compliance provides more responsive system performance
  • Eliminates coupling devices, reducing overall machine size
  • Embedded motor enables compact machine design, helps protect your intellectual property
  • Huge selection of standard motors and co-engineered modifications for an exact fit, without the time, expense and risk of a fully customized motor

Kollmorgen's family of Frameless Motors includes:View More

KBM Series Frameless Series

The KBM™ series offers high performance, long life and simple installation in a motor kit that can be embedded directly in your machine design.  Features include:

kollmorgen direct drive frameless motor

  • Fully encapsulated stator windings
  • 155°C internal winding temperature continuous capability
  • PTC thermistor (avalanche-type) overload protection
  • Rare-earth neodymium iron boron magnets
  • Fail-safe bands over rotor magnets
  • RoHS compliant
  • UL and CE agency facilitation
  • Optimizations include rotor hub dimensions, stack length, diameter, mounting features, windings, insulation, connection type and much more
  • Optional latching digital Hall effect sensors are pre-aligned and factory-installed with added axial rotor length to achieve proper triggering

TBM(S) Series Frameless Series 

The TBM frameless motor is a new series of direct drive torque motors designed for applications that require high power in a small compact form factor with minimized weight, and inertia.  Typical applications include robotic joints, weapon stations, sensor gimbals, sight systems, UAV propulsion and guidance, as well as many others.  Features include: 

kollmorgen direct drive frameless motor

  • 3 frame sizes ranging from 60mm (2.36 inches) up to 129mm (5.08 inches)
  • 3 stacks lengths per frame
  • 2 standard winding options per frame
  • Latching Hall Effects (pre-aligned / factory installed).
  • Low Cogging designs
  • Stainless Steel Yokes for max corrosion protection
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Banded Rotors
  • Laser Marked Armatures

SLMTI Torque Systems Direct Drive Frameless Motors

MDM-5000 Direct Drive Sets (Frameless Motors Kit Versions), from SLMTI Torque Systems, have been developed to fit applications where size and weight are important factors. Direct Drive technology allows for high servo stiffness which maximizes rate and position accuracy because there are no belts, gears or backlash inherent with most other servo systems. MDM-5000 Direct Drive Sets are supplied as two pieces; a cut-core segmented stator and a rotor. The stator is molded in a thin walled aluminum housing using thermally conductive epoxy, which provides excellent heat transfer and protects the windings (and optional integrated Hall board) from damage during installation and handling. The rotor is coated with a polymer shrink wrap which protects the magnets from dislodging during operation and also prevents damage while handling.

Features include:

  • Brushless design provides high performance with zero maintenance
  • High efficiency, excellent heat transfer, high torque density
  • Rotor coated with polymer shrink wrap which protects magnets from dislodging during operation and prevents accidental damage while handling
  • High pole count, low cogging, smooth operation
  • High torque to inertia ratio ideal for high acceleration/deceleration mode with rapid start-stop
  • Low electrical time constant for fast response

Selection Chart:View More

itt frameless motor selection chart

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  1. C041A (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C041A (240 VAC)

    108mm Frame Size, 4.57 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 1750 RPM Max Speed

  2. C041B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C041B (240 VAC)

    108mm Frame Size, 4.52 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 2500 RPM Max Speed

  3. C042A (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C042A (240 VAC)

    108mm Frame Size, 8.25 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 1700 RPM Max Speed

  4. C042B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C042B (240 VAC)

    108mm Frame Size, 8.45 Nm Max Cont. Torque,2500 RPM Max Speed

  5. C043A (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C043A (240 VAC)

    108mm Frame Size, 11.1 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 1250 RPM Max Speed

  6. C043B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C043B (240 VAC)

    108mm Frame Size, 11.2 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 2500 RPM Max Speed

  7. C044A (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C044A (240 VAC)

    108mm Frame Size, 13.9 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 1050 RPM Max Speed

  8. C044B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C044B (240 VAC)

    108mm Frame Size, 14.4 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 2150 RPM Max Speed

  9. C051A (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C051A (240 VAC)

    138mm Frame Size, 11.7 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 1200 RPM Max Speed

  10. C051B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C051B (240 VAC)

    138mm Frame Size, 11.9 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 2450 RPM Max Speed

  11. C052C (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C052C (240 VAC)

    138mm Frame Size, 16.9 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 950 RPM Max Speed

  12. C052D (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C052D (240 VAC)

    138mm Frame Size, 16.5 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 2050 RPM Max Speed

  13. C053A (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C053A (240 VAC)

    138mm Frame Size, 21 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 1350 RPM Max Speed

  14. C053B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C053B (240 VAC)

    138mm Frame Size, 20.2 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 2500 RPM Max Speed

  15. C054A (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C054A (240 VAC)

    138mm Frame Size, 24.9 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 1200 RPM Max Speed

  16. C054B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C054B (240 VAC)

    138mm Frame Size, 23.8 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 2350 RPM Max Speed

  17. C061A (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C061A (240 VAC)

    188mm Frame Size, 33.8 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 900 RPM Max Speed

  18. C061B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C061B (240 VAC)

    188mm Frame Size, 32.6 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 1950 RPM Max Speed

  19. C062B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C062B (240 VAC)

    188mm Frame Size, 44.6 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 1400 RPM Max Speed

  20. C062C (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C062C (240 VAC)

    188mm Frame Size, 48.4 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 700 RPM Max Speed

  21. C063B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C063B (240 VAC)

    188mm Frame Size, 59 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 1050 RPM Max Speed

  22. C063C (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C063C (240 VAC)

    188mm Frame Size, 61.8 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 550 RPM Max Speed

  23. C091A (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C091A (240 VAC)

    246mm Frame Size, 50.2 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 600 RPM Max Speed

  24. C092C (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C092C (240 VAC)

    246mm Frame Size, 102 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 450 RPM Max Speed

  25. C093C (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C093C (240 VAC)

    246mm Frame Size, 139 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 350 RPM Max Speed

  26. C131B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C131B (240 VAC)

    351mm Frame Size, 190 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 450 RPM Max Speed

  27. C131C (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C131C (240 VAC)

    351mm Frame Size, 189 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 250 RPM Max Speed

  28. C132B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C132B (240 VAC)

    351mm Frame Size, 361 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 225 RPM Max Speed

  29. C132C (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C132C (240 VAC)

    351mm Frame Size, 362 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 120 RPM Max Speed

  30. C133B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C133B (240 VAC)

    351mm Frame Size, 510 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 175 RPM Max Speed

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