CANopen Amplifiers

CANopen is a robust serial protocol that is low cost and offers enhanced diagnostic and control capabilities with reasonable bandwidth. The average CAN message is 130 bits, so it takes 130?sec per message PER NODE to physically send out a message. Different CAN message types improve on this time, but update rates close to 1KHz are possible. 

CANopen Servo Drive Advantages:

  • 3-wire bus is all that is needed to connect drives together (CAN_H, CAN_L and GND)
  • Differential transmission for noise immunity
  • Up to 1Mbit/sec speeds possible
  • Up to 128 nodes per CAN network
  • Robust message arbitration with collision detection/prevention built into the physical layer
  • Many microcontrollers have built in CAN ports
  • CAN Hardware for many different platforms readily available (Desktop, PC/104, etc.)
  • Many different operating systems supported (Windows, VxWorks, Linux)
  • Bi-directional (non-polled) communication possible
  • PVT – Position, Velocity Time trajectory interpolated by the drive from points sent by the host. Reduces overhead at the host. Countless trajectories possible
  • Coordinated motion capabilities

AMC CANopen Digital Servo Drives

Advanced Motion Controls' family of DigiFlex® Performance™ CANopen Digital Servo Drives provide a wide range of options for servo system solutions. DPC drives are enclosed by a metal cover and can be mounted on their spine or flat against the base. DZC drives are packaged in a lightweight and compact form factor designed to be embedded directly into a PCB - no wires required! Inverted baseplate mounting also allows for direct wired connector access. A common footprint is used for the different power modules in the series to simplify prototyping.

amp canopen digital servo drive

Digiflex Performance CANopen drives from Advanced Motion Controls' also support RS232 as a secondary communication channel. DriveWare software can run over the RS232 channel during operation to monitor quantities in real time making system design and commissioning fast.

AMC's DigiFlex® CANopen Servo Drives feature:

  • Full tuning control of Position, Velocity and Torque loops
  • Real-time oscilloscope with up to 8 channels to ensure that tuning achieves the highest performance
  • Status window with over 50 simultaneous channels for drive and system diagnostics
  • I/O configuration for over 60 events and signals, configurable to latch/non-latch as well as active-high and active-low
  • Universal servo motor compatibility by means of automatic commutation adjustment
  • Dual loop feedback and control - increases stability and accuracy
  • Stand-alone or network configuration

AMC's family of CANopen Digital Servo Drives includes:View More

AMC CANopen Drive Selection Chart
AMC CANopen Servo Drive Selection Chart

Kollmorgen CANopen Digital Servo Drives

Kollmorgen servo drives are used for dynamic motion applications where precise positioning, speed control, or torque efficiency is key.

Kollmorgen servo drives range from 300 watts to 50,000 watts of continuous duty power output. Peak outputs Kollmorgen servo drives are impressive with peak operation at 3 times the rated continuous current for a full 5 seconds in certain drives. This is a clear Kollmorgen advantage since many manufacturers can only rate peak operation at 1 second or less. This allows many applications to use significantly smaller servo drives and expands the dynamic performance of the servo drive lineup.

Connectivity is also a key aspect in machines so fieldbus options are plentiful. Kollmorgen support many popular ethernet fieldbuses like EtherCAT, Ethernet /IP, Profinet, and SynqNet. Support for traditional fieldbuses is available on certain models as well, including Profibus, Devicenet, CANopen, RS485, RS232, and Sercos II.

Kollmorgen's family of CANopen Digital Servo Drives includes:View More

AKD Seriesakd canopen servo drive amplifier

We designed our next-generation AKD™ Series with the versatility, communications, power and bandwidth you need to build higher throughput, greater precision and more capable features into your machine—and to bring it to market faster.
AKD BASIC Programmable Drive Seriescanopen servo drive amplifier

AKD BASIC drives provide all the performance features of our leading AKD Series, along with built-in machine and motion control that can be programmed in BASIC programming language from Kollmorgen's AKD WorkBench. These drives can eliminate the need for a separate PLC or allow machine designers to customize drive functionality.
AKD PDMM® Programmable Drive, Multi-Axis Master Seriescanopen servo drive amplifier

The AKD PDMM™ provides an integrated servo drive and automation controller. It combines one AKD servo axis, a master controller that supports up to seven or more additional axes, and the full automation capability of Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ in a single, compact package.
S300 Seriescanopen servo drive amplifier

These compact, easy-to-use servo drives operate directly from grounded 115 to 480VAC, 3-phase, 50-60Hz lines and provide output current of 1.5 to 10 Amps RMS/phase, continuous, for driving Kollmorgen brushless rotary servomotors and linear positioners.
S700 Seriescanopen servo drive amplifier

The S700 is a digital servo drive with extended functionality to support complex drive tasks. It operates from 110 to 480 VAC, 1 or 3-phase, 50 to 60 Hz lines, and features integrated Ethernet connectivity for use with EtherCAT® and SynqNet™.

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  1. AKD-x00306 Amplifiers Digital Type Kollmorgen

    85-265 Single/Three-Phase VAC Input; 3A continuous / 9A peak |1.1kW Output

  2. AKD-x00307 Amplifiers Digital Type Kollmorgen

    187-528 Three-Phase VAC Input; 3A continuous / 9A peak | 2kW Output

  3. AKD-x00606 Amplifiers Digital Type Kollmorgen

    85-265 Single/Three-Phase VAC Input; 6A continuous / 18A peak | 2kW Output

  4. AKD-x00607 Amplifiers Digital Type Kollmorgen

    187-528 Three-Phase VAC Input; 6A continuous / 18A peak | 4kW Output

  5. AKD-x01206  Amplifiers Digital Type Kollmorgen

    85-265 Single/Three-Phase VAC Input; 12A continuous / 30A peak | 4kW Output

  6. AKD-x01207 Amplifiers Digital Type Kollmorgen

    187-528 Three-Phase VAC Input; 12A continuous / 30A peak | 8kW Output

  7. AKD-x02406  Amplifiers Digital Type Kollmorgen

    85-265 Single/Three-Phase VAC Input; 24A continuous / 48A peak | 8kW Output

  8. AKD-x02407 Amplifiers Digital Type Kollmorgen

    187-528 Three-Phase VAC Input; 24A continuous / 48A peak | 16kW Output

  9. AKD-x04807 Amplifiers Digital Type Kollmorgen

    187-528 Three-Phase VAC Input; 48A continuous / 96A peak | 32kW Output

  10. DZCANTE-010L200 Amplifiers Digital Type Advanced Motion Controls

    40-175 VDC Input; 6A continuous / 10A peak | 1kW Output @ 175 VDC in

  11. DZCANTE-012L080 Amplifiers Digital Type Advanced Motion Controls

    20-80 VDC Input; 6A continuous / 12A peak | 0.5kW Output @ 80 VDC in

  12. DZCANTE-020L080 Amplifiers Digital Type Advanced Motion Controls

    10-80 VDC Input; 12A continuous / 20A peak | 0.9kW Output @ 80 VDC in

  13. DZCANTE-025L200 Amplifiers Digital Type Advanced Motion Controls

    40-175 VDC Input; 12.5A continuous / 25A peak | 2.1kW Output @ 175 VDC in

  14. DZCANTE-040L080 Amplifiers Digital Type Advanced Motion Controls

    10-80 VDC Input; 20A continuous / 40A peak | 1.5kW Output @ 80 VDC in

  15. DZCANTE-060L080 Amplifiers Digital Type Advanced Motion Controls

    10-80 VDC Input; 30A continuous / 60A peak | 2.3kW Output @ 80 VDC in

  16. DZCANTU-020B080 Amplifiers Digital Type Advanced Motion Controls

    18-80 VDC Input, 10 A Cont. (20 Peak)

  17. DZCANTU-020B200 Amplifiers Digital Type Advanced Motion Controls

    40-175 VDC Input, 10 A Cont. (20 Peak)

  18. DZCANTU-040B080 Amplifiers Digital Type Advanced Motion Controls

    18-80 VDC Input, 20 A Cont. (40 Peak)

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