Power Transmission & Mechanical Products

Power Transmission is a catch-all phrase encompassing industrial electric motors, mechanical power transmission products and adjustable speed drives. Mechanical Power Transmission Products include:

  • mounted bearingsPower Transmission & Mechanical Products
  • enclosed gear products
  • couplings, brakes
  • clutches, bushings
  • chain
  • belts
  • sheaves/pulleys

Combined, these products are used to generate, transmit, control and transform mechanical energy in the general application of industrial automation.

AC & DC Motors (Quick Reference Guide) View More

The Quick Reference Chart below is a tool for differentiating the different PMDC motor types in terms of speed, horse power rating, efficiency, life, ratings, noise ratings, and starting torque.


Gearboxes (Quick Reference Guide) View More

The chart below can be used as a tool in selecting the right gearbox for your PMDC motor application.


PMDC Drives View More

PMDC Drives are designed to operate PMDC motors inexpensively, and feature two or four quadrant operation for simple velocity control with ramp functionality.

Couplings View More

Couplings are available in multiple varieties, including bellows, elastomer, safety, etc.

Bellows Couplings feature zero backlash and are the most torsionally stiff solution for dynamic applications while still compensating for shaft mis-alignments. Bellow couplings are wear and maintenance free even in high temperatures.

Elastomer Couplings are a lower cost alternative to bellows couplings yet feature zero backlash and provide vibration / resonance dampening while still compensating for shaft mis-alignments. Safety Couplings are used to minimize expensive damage when a collision occurs in a high performance servo drive systemWhen a collision occurs, the safety coupling will stop the destructive inertial forces instantly thus eliminating costly downtime and repair costs.

Brake Varieties View More

Power-On Brakes are used to stop or hold a load that is coupled to the armature hub assemblyThe armature hub is attached to the load shaftThe field assembly is mounted to a bulkhead that is perpendicular to the shaft. 

Power-Off Brakes are designed to decelerate or hold an inertial load when the voltage is turned off. When voltage is applied, the friction disc is released and the brake is free of torque. Power-off brakes are best suited for parking brake applications used to hold a load in position, and are ideal for creating brake motor packages for small servo & stepper frame motors.

Power-on/off brakes are offered in flange mount, C-Face and NEMA frame versions.

Power-on Clutches are used to couple two parallel shaftsThe armature hub assembly is mounted to the same shaft as the rotor assemblyThe armature hub accommodates a pulley, gear, sprocket, etc., to transmit torque to the second shaftThe field assembly is mounted on the shaft and retained by a loose fitting pin or bracket through the anti-rotation tab.

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