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Linear Bearings

Linear bearings and guideways are primarily used in positioning table (positioning stage) applications.

The main function of a positioning table's linear or rotary bearing system is to carry the user mounted load while the table is in motion. The bearings are also a key element in determining the overall positioning table accuracy, repeatability, straightness and flatness.

Each bearing design provides advantages and disadvantages in load capacity, size, cost, stiffness, and friction. Selecting the right linear or rotary bearing system for a positioning table application is critical.

The four primary linear bearings used in positioning table applications are.

Cross Roller Linear BearingsView More

cross roller linear bearings

Cross Roller Linear Bearings feature cylindrical rollers with ground "V" ways. The larger surface contact between the rollers & "V" ways typically increases the table load capacity by up to 3 times more over a comparable ball & rod type system. These table designs also produce better flatness and straightness specifications over traditional ball & rod type systems. Thus cross roller linear bearings are typically used in higher accuracy type of applications.

Round Rail Linear BearingsView More

round rail linear bearings

Round Rail Linear Bearings use four bushings with recirculating ball bearings which are mounted within either two, or four pillow blocks (aluminum or steel housings). The contact point between the recirculating balls in the bushing and the round shaft produces a very low friction positioning table. The greater number of balls contacting the ground shaft provides for a larger load capacity system. This table design provides long travel lengths, good load capacities, large moment load capacities, and can accommodate protective cover plates & waycovers.

Square Rail (Linear Guide) Bearing Systems View More

square rail linear bearing system

Square Rail (linear guide) Bearing Systems are very similar in operation to the round rail systems. The recirculating ball bearings in the bearing block contact more surface area on the curved ball race on the square rail which provides a table that has increased load capacity, increased moment load capacity, and higher system rigidity over the round rail positioning table. These linear bearings will have better flatness & straightness specifications than a round rail system.  This table design is also able to handle shock & vibration forces better than a round rail system and can accommodate protective cover plates & waycovers.

Air Bearing Linear Tables View More

air bearing linear tables

Air Bearing Linear Tables create a small air cushion between the table carriage and the table base (guide rail). This provides a non-contact linear bearing system that is rigid, friction free, and cog-free. Using a very accurate guide rail (rectangular or square) can produce excellent flatness & straightness specifications. Typical drive mechanisms for these tables include high accuracy acme screws and linear motors. Incorporating a high accuracy non-contact linear motor drive system with a high accuracy non-contact linear encoder for position feedback creates a very accurate sub-micron or nano-precision positioning table, one that could virtually last forever.

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