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Exor HMI Graphical Workstation Products can monitor your needs and display the current information in real time. Exor HMI's can also use data acquisition to save your information until you ask for it. With an extensive networking capability you can request information whenever you want.

Exor's ability to communicate with the outside world has exploded with options. Whether you need to serve it up on the internet via Ethernet or from a remote location via GPRS, Exor have the capability. Do you need to send an email notification or an SMS message? Either way or both can be done. Do you want to connect from your office or home PC? No problem! You can even monitor or instruct using you mobile phone or PDA!

Do you just want text information (ePAD models), or dynamic graphical information (eTOP models)? Do you need to keep it small (eTOP504 4.3" TFT) or display it large (eTOP515 15" TFT)? Maybe you need to message the whole factory with an Exor Marquee product (up to 4 line 20 characters). Exor offer these solutions, plus everything in between.

Exor's HMI Solutions Include: 

Exor eX700 Series View More


Exor eX700 SeriesThe Revolutionary IIoT Controller - The eX700 Series represents a ground breaking product to come to market: The Revolutionary IIoT Controller. The product's concept is permitting a prudent investment into the implementation of IIoT and hence Industry 4.0 compatibility. As such it provides a true all in one solution covering many functions such as:

  • As a powerful Browser with industry standard Web engine powering state of the art Chromium browser
  • As a Gateway with up to 3 Ethernet networks,OPC UA pub/sub* Server and Client, future TSN connectivity* and multiple protocols
  • As a powerful HMI using JMobile inside with multi touch operation in a brilliant high resolution display
  • As a PLC with the CODESYS V3 and Ethernet distributed I/O stacks and extremely high processing power

Exor UniOP eTOP 600 SeriesView More

Exor UniOP eTOP 600 Series -The glass projected capacitive touchscreen and the brilliant widescreen display guarantee great optical performance and are up to the most demanding user interface requirements. Features include:

  • Projected Capacitive True Glass Touchscreen
  • Display Size Range from 5" to 10.1"
  • Widescreen Display - All Models
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • High Resolution & Optical Performance
  • Data Bridge - Gateway Functionality
  • Remote Monitor, Control and Maintenance Functionality
  • Brilliant Display with LED Backlight Technology
  • Ethernet, USB and Serial Ports; Integrated Siemens MPI support
  • Fieldbus and Network Support
  • SD Card for Extended Data Storage
  • Scratch & Harsh Chemical Resistant Surface
  • Coating on all Electronic Boards
  • Scalable Performance
  • UV Resistant
  • DNV - IECEx
  • UL Class I. Div. 2 Haz. Loc.
  • Extended Temperature Range (-20 °C +60 °C)
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Wide Range Power Supply (10 to 32 Vdc)

Exor UniOP eTOP 500 SeriesView More

Exor UniOP eTOP 500 Series - The UniOP eTOP 500 Series HMI products combine state-of-the-art features and top performance with an outstanding design. They are the ideal choice for all demanding HMI applications including factory, marine and building/home automation. 500 Series HMI products come with a choice of certifications and approvals that make them the solution of choice for all requirements. eTOP 500 models feature Five years warranty, brilliant displays with LED technology, solutions with high brightness displays and full-glass touchscreens for readability under sunlight, gateway functions, built-in Ethernet, USB host port and serial port, optional plug-in modules for fieldbus systems and networks, optional integrated PLC with distributed and integrated I/O. Models are also available for use in hazardous locations (ATEX and UL Class I Div 2). Available in three front bezel colors with customized front design easily and economically available.

New for 2016, Exor release the IP69K Food Grade HMI, model eTOP507MFB. The eTOP507MFB is an HMI product specifically designed for applications in food and beverage industry. Product design conforms to the guidelines in DIN EN 1672-2 "Food processing machinery–Safety and hygiene requirements".   The stainless steel bezel is safe and resistant to the most critical conditions; the profile allows easy cleaning.  Its IP69K protection allows for high-pressure, high-temperature cleaning. The product can be installed in food areas without any additional protection.

View a 30 second YouTube video on the durability of the eTOP507G:  eTOP507G YouTube Video

Exor's eSMART SeriesView More

Exor's eSMART Series HMI products combine state-of-the-art JMobile ""End-User Experience"" enhancing features and top performance at an introductory price point.  The eSMART Series has a faster processor and more memory for an outstanding price / performance ratio for the "price – challenging" applications.  Features include:

  • Display Sizes 4.3", 7" and 10.1"
  • Widescreen Display
  • Resistive Touchscreen
  • Brilliant Display with LED Backlight
  • Programmable with JMobile Studio
  • Ethernet, USB and Serial Port
  • Lightweight and low-power design
  • Highly Reliable, Industrial Grade Components
  • CE, cULus approval

Exor UniOP eTOP 300 SeriesView More

Exor UniOP eTOP 300 Series - The UniOP eTOP 300 Series combines great features and performance with full compatibility with UniOP legacy products and UniOP Designer 6 software. They are the ideal choice to improve your existing applications. eTOP 300 models feature Five years warranty, brilliant displays with LED technology, bateway function, built-in Ethernet, USB host port and serial port, optional plug-in modules for fieldbus systems and network and optional integrated PLC. Also available with three front color options.

Exor HMIcontrolView More

Exor HMIcontrol – HMIcontrol has expanded the power of UniOP family of HMI panels by embedding a fast and efficient PLC and I/O into a single, integrated system. The PLC modules are compatible with all Series 500 models and are IEC 61131-3 compliant. HMIcontrol is the ideal solution for basic applications or as a complement to existing control systems. It can be used as a stand-alone PLC for advanced computations, scaling, or in combination with I/O systems for machine control. The HMI maintains its inherent connectivity to drives, bus systems and more while performing HMIcontrol functionality.

JMobile Software SuiteView More

JMobile Software Suite - JMobile is a software suite designed to offer a complete HMI solution with client-server architecture. JMobile applies the latest available technology developed for HMI in industrial automation to every situation where a user interface is required. The suite includes commissioning tools, to allow easy maintenance and configuration of multiple remote units, and both desktop and runtime engineering software for application development. JMobile is the solution of choice for any application demanding a high degree of flexibility, high performance and, when requested, portability of information at any level. From the field source, the information is made available to back office applications, web browsers, mobile phones, PDAs, and virtually any mobile device of your choosing. Communications rely on web services as well as other high end solutions.

JMobile is free from issues of network configuration and/or management problems with firewalls and proxies. It does not encounter data representation problems between connected systems. Since the system has been developed to be cross-platform, its core runs on different hardware platforms and operating systems and there are no hardware platform dependencies.

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