Maxon motor is a worldwide leading supplier of high-precision DC brush and brushless servo motors and drives. Maxon's rhombic wound ironless rotor motors provide exceptionally high efficiency, low EMI emissions, fast acceleration, no preferred rotor position, linear speed and torque constant (accurate control) and long life. These motors range in size from 4 – 90 mm and are available up to 500 watts.

They combine electric motors, gears, feedback devices and DC motor controls into high-precision, intelligent drive systems that can be custom-made to fit the specific needs of customer applications. maxon motor helps provide innovative solutions at competitive prices for numerous applications in various markets, such as industrial automation, medical technology, security technology, instrumentation, communications, and consumer applications, among others. Click on the following YouTube link to view a library of Maxon Motor Product Video's.  

Maxon Motor Products:

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Consumer Applications

Industrial Automation & Robotics

Medical Technology

Oil & Gas Exploration

Security Technology

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