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Bogen Magnetic Encoder

BOGEN develops and produces high-precision variable magnetic scales and measuring systems to measure angle, distance, position.  BOGEN has been developing and producing magnetic heads for demanding applications since 1951. Their core competence is in the design and implementation of customer specific magnetic solutions for applications such as access control in multi-storey car parks, for the detection of credit card information in ATMs or magnetic sensors for the reliable validation of bank notes.

BOGEN magnetic heads comply with the relevant national and international standards (ISO, DIN, IATA, ABA, etc.) and can be used with various magnetic coercivities. Special solutions for reading magnetic ink (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition: MICR) and for recognising and validating banknotes are also a part of their product portfolio.

Bogen Encoder Family

They achieved a milestone in 1995: The development and market launch of a cutting-edge magnetization method. This innovative technology has brought BOGEN international recognition as a specialist in magnetic measurement and for customized solutions for high-precision measurement of length, angles, speed of rotation and position. Their patented technology allows the development of new and, above all, improved solutions for demanding applications.  The patented dynamic BOGEN-technology surpasses others in precision and economy. BOGEN produces scales with freely definable magnetic patterns - one or two tracks, incremental or absolute.

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