“Hi Marlena, Nicolas, and Chris. We would like to take a few minutes of your time, and show you how much we deeply appreciate all the efforts and time invested on solving our customer’s needs on a very critical and timely manner. We really appreciated all the efforts given with this short period of time and the professional handling of this particular situation. Thank you so much once again.”

-Daniel S., Hyco

Big thanks to ElectroMate for the wonderful service, a pleasure doing business with you.

-Charles C., CIMA

Tom did a great job putting together the motor and controller set that I needed.

– Kevin T., BFW Services

On behalf of all of us at the University of Saskatchewan Space Design Team, I would like to thank you and Electromate for their support. The incredible Maxon motors you supplied to our team have allowed us to use our custom made high traction tires to their full potential. The large amount of torque supplied by your motors allows our rover to climb over boulders and up steep hills unlike any other rover at the competition. Our rover won the gravel hill climbing challenge and was able to transverse terrain avoided by other rovers throughout the competition.

– Danno P., USST

Even when the sales person I dealt with originally had to leave on vacation, at least 4 other people took over my case to provide assistance.

– Robert Z., Hepco

Thank you for Electromate's prompt attention to my inquiry. The price and delivery information from you combined with the mfg's specifications provided the information I needed in planning for the dynamic test stands for our instrumentation.

– George E., Pajari

Very good services thank you!

– Roger D., Controles Gilles

Warren, thanks for that important piece if information. Of course you are right. I greatly appreciate your help.

– Mark M., MX2

Thank you very much for your time. This information is exactly what I need!

– Abel O., Drax

Help has been tremendous. Thank you again. Happy to have the help for this application. You seemed ready and willing to help us.

– Bob C., Red River

Thanks for your help on this issue, especially your fast response. Greatly appreciated.

– Barry C., Beavers

We just received our HD units, thank you so much for making it possible in time! This is truly helping us in the development of our business and new product line, we are glad to be one of your customers and I’m sure that the present project will bring benefit for both of us.

– Charles D., Kenovo

Your (Motion Control Made Easy) book is a real help!

– Dino V., Senso Industrial

The layout of the information on the Electromate site is really useful!

– James S., McGill University

Hi Warren, Kai had great things to say yesterday about our Audit. She says to relay the message to you that she is always impressed on how smoothly everything goes and how well we function with the quality system procedures within our daily functions. She also said that she wanted to thank you for continuing with the ISO registration during economic difficulties. She will be sending a formal report by Friday, which I will email to everyone once I have it.

– Claudia R., Electromate

Hello Warren, your answers were very clear and you will receive a PO shortly. Thanks for following up!

– Michel B., Averme

Very Professional! Thanks For Great Service!

– Jim H., York University

On behalf of the CMP management team, we would like to thank you for the excellent service you provided in getting the bearing nuts to us in less than 24 hours. Because of your efforts we saved an additional 24 hours of down time on our production line which saved us thousands of dollars. I wasn't getting the delivery time I needed from our local supplier and when I asked to speak to their supplier (Electromate), I was very fortunate and dealt with you Kaye Gill. It was a pleasure dealing with you and I thank you once again.

– Michael H., CMP

Merci pour le (long) téléphone. J’ai avancé + en une heure qu’en 1 journée hier...

– Nicolas P., IREQ

Hey Electromate sales team, we received the Maxon motors last week (a month ahead of schedule!) and they look great! Thanks!

– Gita R., MDA

Hi Kaye, I'm still shaking from that one... the end user bought from the OEM. I don't usually lose my patience, but this one got under my skin. Thank you, though, for your fine efforts. I appreciate that you responded rapidly, giving me the ability to give a solution. Have a great weekend!

– Keith P., Renown

Kaye did an excellent job with expediting and follow-up!

– Brian V., Paris Technical

I would like to thank you personally for the excellent service hand delivering the remaining motors & gearboxes. You have been a great help to G.E.

– Dave G., G.E.

I really appreciate you bringing these motors out to me tomorrow morning. A BIG THANK YOU to you and your order expeditor. I really appreciate the help.

– Ina D., Christie

Our order was very well packaged and delivery was quicker than expected!

– Wes W., Progressive Machine

Thanks. It's always nice to get a quick turnaround on the quotes.

– Robert W., NRC

Good morning Ms. Rosanna, Thanks for your kind co-operation, our products were DELIVERED EARLY THIS MORNING!

– Nadim A., T&R

...our client was happy to receive both their touch screens on the dates arranged. Thank you very much for arranging the direct shipment; it saved a whole ton of time.

– Pamela K., NWT Inc.

Dear Elizabeth Thank you very much, I am very glad to work this first time with you. You shipped to us at the date was arranged.

– J. Guajardo, VAI-INGDESI

I wanted to drop you an email to thank you for coming down and visiting our facility to learn about our company and product ranges. Everyone is very excited that Electromate will be our new Reseller in Canada. Your company and personnel are highly technical and extremely professional.

– Chris P., Data Translation

Dear Rosanna, That compromise is more than acceptable, thank you so much for your honesty and for looking after this so quickly and sweetly! I always appreciate excellent customer service when I experience it!

– Jennifer L., Tube Forming Solutions

Hi Warren, I just wanna thank you again for your ever-interesting advice... I really appreciate your help. Thanks again!

– Jeff L., Nova

Thank you for your help. We really appreciate your time.

– Jill L., Haakon

Thank you very much Claudia! I appreciate your excellent service!

– Beverly L., Pierce Pacific

Hi Silvia, Thanks again for the quick turn-around time on the recent ECflat motor that was shipped to us, we received it Tuesday evening, and installed it with the gearbox into our vehicle. The demo on Thursday was a great success!

– David S., Marsport

Your salesperson Warren is extremely efficient and knowledgeable!

– Rob P., MDS

Just thought I'd touch base with you about our drive system. We've had some great discussions and it sounds like we're close to having a system finalized enough for the purposes of a quote for my CFI grant application. I realize this is a complex system to design and I'm impressed with how much yourself and your associate are paying attention to the details -- it's reassuring to know I'm dealing with engineers and application specialists that know and want to know exactly what I need.

– Jeff D., Carleton University

Hi Claudia, I responded to the survey. I want to express my great satisfaction dealing with your company. Very professional and helpful. Thanks again and Happy Holidays to all your staff and their families!

– Sylvain B., Videotron

Rosanna, Thanks for your attention in this matter - you and your staff seem really eager to help us - and we really like that!

– Brent D., EDI

Thanks Warren! That was a super fast problem solver! I appreciate your support.

– Todd M., MDS

Outstanding information... great service as usual!

– Pete L., CAE

Thank you very much for the clarification. I am copying our accounting department to inform the conditions of payment. Thank you very much. The service was extremely fast. My thanks to Marco and Marilena!

– Javier P., Food Development Centre

Marilena/Claudia, thank you for the work that you have done with getting these Maxon motors in to ATS... your help and hard work is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

– Ida D., ATS

Thanks very much for all your help with this. I was getting the feeling from other distributors I had dealt with, that they weren't really listening to my design needs so much as trying to sell me the most expensive system they could. It was a great relief when you came up with a solution that fit my needs, timeframe and budget. I'll recommend the rest of the hardware team check you guys out for any other motion control needs we may have.

– Jon H., UBC

Hi Warren, thanks for the quote. As I mentioned, I have used the amp controls on 2 jobs with good performance. In fact, each machine runs every day with no trouble. I have found the software very easy to use, the servo tuning was great.

– Dave L., KD Ican

Enjoyed the Galil seminar and found it quite useful to understand the basics. It complimented the IAI controller seminar taken 2 years ago.

– Charlie M., SKD

Hope all is well Marilena, thank you again for your help with rushing the previous items.

– Eric V., Magna

Dear Rosanna, Last day November 14, 2008, I receive the package from you, contains: 6 (six) unit of Motor Drive U12DA, all in good conditions. Thank you very much for all of your kind services and help. My best regards to Mr. Warren Osak and Elizabeth Nacson and all Electromate staff. Hope to see you again in the next orders.

– Sunaryo S., Brightlight Ind.

I would like to thank you for the shipment. It was a pleasure to deal with you. Thanks!

– Patrice S., Control


– Carol L., Nova

The AMP system is working wonderfully. It's an excellent product. Very straight forward to setup and program and very flexible. It's meeting the requirements perfectly. Thank you!

– Trevor J., Image Point

Your Nano Symposium was the best informative show that we've ever attended.

– Danny B., IBM

I just wanted to thank you for your help with the linear actuator. We have just started our experiments and it performs very well. I can definitely see using it for future applications and at some point it would be nice to use some of the other components which you have previously recommended.

– Steve J., Bodycoat

...One thing I would like to add, is that you have proven to be the most consistent and professional of all of the motor distributors I have been talking with thus far.

– Thomas E., Evertson

I cannot thank you enough for your help and support. I look forward to your comments on the code that I will forward for your review.

– Gary D., DG Consulting Services

I'd like to thank you again Warren for the privilege of working for Electromate. It's easy to work hard and well for a company that has a great people and bosses and supervisor's which Electromate has. Everyone is very helpful and kind. Electromate is a great place to work and has a great environment to work in. You really get the feeling of family here. Thank You.

– Silvia D., EIS

Hi Ladies, Just want to thank you for a job well done, yet again!! My order is in and Honda is very happy with us, Good work, please extend my thanks and gratitude to Harmonic drives and your people there! Have a wonderful Christmas.

– Joan F., CB

It was great talking with you today. The technical advice that I have been getting from you and Danaher Motion certainly gives me every intention of using Danaher products along with those from manufacturers that your company offers. Thank you again for the information that you supplied today.

– Rand P., Rand Inc.

Warren, your device is now on my list of possible solutions. We have asked two other manufactures in Germany for a technical solution and quote. Our communication was by far faster than I expect the communication with the other manufacturers will be. So far everything is quite clear from my point of view. Thanks for your fast response which quickly showed us that there will be a solution to our application.

– Thomas B., Moog

Guys, the Motor, Gearbox and Software worked Great! Thanks so much for your assistance.

– Jack C., ITT

Thanks for your valuable feedback. I am happy I picked Electromate and you as a partner in the project.

– Chundra R., STC

Mr. Dunaj, I am really impressed with this quick response almost 7 PM on a Friday! My hat is off to you sir. I can't neglect Tom Shay and his efforts on trying to solve my problem. Maxon has one heck of a team here in Canada.

– Alan I., Kiln

This quick message to let you know that the MESR CLS vehicle has been delivered to our client on time with satisfactory performances. Many thanks to Electromate Team for your efforts to support our development on MESR CLS vehicle program.

– Normand K., BRP

That was about the best Lunch N' Learn I have experienced here for generating interest and ideas.

– Grant K., Sterner

Thank you so much for all of your help anyways, you've been the most helpful person I've talked to so far. Great customer service!

– Colleen D., Queen's University

Hello Elizabeth, Thank you for your care. It was a pleasure buying from Electromate!

– Israel N., Michmas Electronics

The products presented at your Nano Event were worth the flight from St. Louis!

– Sam E., Boeing

Hi Tom. I cleared the faults (per your instructions) and the motor jogged no problem both directions. I then manually ran the program and it worked. I re- assembled the motor into location and began feeding material through the feeder. Don't ask me how or why it just worked! What an adventure. Many thanks again for your excellent support through this learning curve. I immensely appreciate receiving the same support I demand and give to my customers.

– Eddy J., Sanmet

Hi Warren, The seminars this week were a success. Thank you for your hospitality. You have a great team at Electromate and it was a pleasure to formally meet you and your team. We should plan on doing this event at least every 12-18 months. There was a lot of interest in WiFi. In fact, I believe we were able to clear up some skepticism from customers about the technology and our wireless technology has piqued some interest. Thanks again for everything!

– Chris G., Rabbit Semiconductor

Chris, Very good (Maxon) seminar; one of the best I have attended. Thanks!

– Sylvain C., Vapor Stone

Hi Elizabeth, That was so kind of you to prepare everything for my pickup. My compliments for great customer service.

– Ned M., Nima

The seminar was fantastic. Hayden Kerk is a very progressive company. We will be working exclusively through Electromate for future orders. I will contact you when we are ready on the new application. I have an 8pc order pending customer PO any day now. Thanks to the crew at electromate for the seminar.

– Rick H., Akrom

I just wanted to provide you with a little customer feedback. I received the brushes on Nov. 16, and they worked beautifully! My customer is also very happy that they can now replace brushes instead of motors, when the brushes are the only problem, saving them potentially thousands of dollars over the long term. Thanks for all your help!

– Russ G., Artisan

Dear Ms. DiFrangia, Thank you for the invoice. The item has been received We really appreciate the support provided during our purchase. Thanks and Regards.

– Aditya A., AAC

…and this would be the added-value you guys provide that I was discussing last week with our purchasing department when the cost difference (and subsequent discussions) was brought to my attention. Thanks for the extremely fast turn around Chris.

– Pascal P., ATS

Thanks for the Lunch N' Learn Seminar yesterday; it was one of the better seminars that I have been to in a long time. The instructor kept to the point, the questions were all legit, etc. Anyway, I will play around with the motor calculating/sizing CD you gave me when I have some spare time and I will definitely keep in touch.

– Max G., Bretco

Kaye, once again I'd like to thank you very much for your efforts yesterday in helping us sourcing a servo controller; it was very much appreciated. We are very grateful for your time and effort.

– David P., CTS

You presented the most interesting products I have seen on the market!

– Sebastien M., LX Inc.

Just wanted to say thanks for the effort you have all put in over the last few weeks getting the MEKT to the stage where we could demo it today. I think it was fairly well received by the guys from RIM14, but really that doesn’t concern me as the more important thing is that it ran exactly as we expected it to and pushed the full keypad on six devices for about 25 minutes flawlessly. Given this is literally the first time we have tried to run the full system flat out it impressed the hell out of me. I know there is still a significant amount of work involved in turning it into a usable system and we have some features we still need to add to the software but I think from my experiences with it over the last few days it will be capable of everything it was designed for and more... good effort folks. Once again, thanks for the help!

– John F., RIM

Thank you for all of your support over the past year.

– Dave R., LAI

You have been a great distributor for us in Canada and based on past performance we would like Electromate to be involved in our new ED Net program. Currently you are our only distributor in Canada so you basically have the line exclusively.

– Matt I., Quantum Devices

Thanks Kaye. I appreciate the help. As a company that builds custom automation we are constantly coming up against minimum order policies and really value distributors that help us out of these jams. Machines get expensive if we're always buying more parts than we really need. Thanks again.

– Scott S., ATS

Cool stuff Warren, it seems to be working; I am not getting the compile error anymore. Thanks very much for your quick response.

– Lloyd T., TTC

Thank you for the invitation for the nano symposium. It was a good learning curve.

– Dimitre R., Miti

Keep up the good work!

– Martin S., Environment Canada

Thank you guys, I appreciate your help!

– Meriton R., ATS

I have recently been at your Automation Fair. It was nice to meet you and I am pleased that you were able to answer all my questions.

– Patrice C., Sherpa

Thank you for the follow up. We've actually decided to order the item quoted. It must be processed through the university and will be paid for by one of my grants, so it may take a few weeks. Thanks again, I appreciate the speed of assistance and the depth of your service.

– Chris J., IIOT

Hi Kaye, Many thanks for the good news!!! I really appreciate your help - this shows real customer care...

– Alexandra K., Mulbauer

Hi, Thank you for your response. I look over your website (it's fantastic!) the different motor you are offering and we decide to go with a stepper motor. I think our best choice would be the Nema 11 step motor (Part number HT11-013). We also need a coupler. Thank you very much for your time... and sorry for my english, I normally speak french.

– Christian P., Productions Wave

Hi Warren, The quote looked good and I have asked our purchasing department to act on it. Your company is on AECL's approved vendors list so you should be seeing the purchase order come in soon. Thank you for your quick and knowledgeable response.

– Gordon T., AECL

A big THANK YOU! I really appreciate all the effort you (Marilena) made to get me what I ordered. This is a nice way to start the week. Thanks again.

– Bill F., Agilent

Marilena, All is good on this end. The motor and gearbox have been successfully mated together. We can put this chapter behind us now. Thank you all for your hard work to make this happen. Look forward to working with you in the future.

– Michael K., NRC

Thanks for inviting me to your automation fair. I picked up quite a lot of useful product and design info, and I'm thinking hard how to incorporate it into our next generation manufacturing process.

– Tom C., Exceed

We won’t go anywhere else, we only design with the best!

– Marc G., Eddyfi

It’s a pleasure doing business with conscientious people like you guys.

– Catherine P., Tekna

We appreciate the support – always excellent and one of the primary reasons we do not look at motors from other vendors.

– Tim S., Octane

It has been a pleasure working with you and all the people at Electromate which is a great organization!!

– Joe Rossi, Ametek

WOW !!! very good news !!! You Make My Day !!! Wonderful! I'm working to do a PO of 500 pieces. I'll send the PO tomorrow. Thank you for your very good support!

– Tom R., Robotique

We received our gearbox yesterday and I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for your excellent service. It was definitely a bonus to have the gearbox come fitting our existing equipment just right! Hope to do business with you in the future and thanks again for your assistance.

– Craig B. Kimberly-Clark

attentive and knowledgeable technical staff

– John K., 3DM

Excellent customer service!

– Mauricio N., Flir

Prompt and accurate response

– Christian T., Novo

Excellent customer support.

– Mirjana P., Novacam

Technical knowledge of our contact. Time he share with me explaining a component that I was not used to. Professionalism of Electromate in general.

– Pacal S., Oceatec

The representative is highly competent.

– Etienne G., University Sherbrooke

Great customer service!

– Eddy F., Scireq

good service and reasonable repair costs.

– Al P., S3 Wire

quality of service and price

– Gordon M., Seneca College

Good Customer Service, Fast quotes

– Carolina R., Innovative Automation

Great customer service and constant monitoring and follow-up. Great products Thank you!

– Monica R., Shockform

Good services

– Ghislain C., Lecours Lumber

Marilena, We just received all our motors and I have some happy guys in the shop. Thank you very much. Enjoy the rest of your day!

– Jess C., Tracker